Hello everyone,
Last time, I have written a simple note application, but we turned a simple application into an advanced application that works with artificial intelligence. You can check the link and read more.

Today, we will make a Translate application that use Huawei ML Kit features.

After the registration process is completed on HUAWEI Developers, we can create a new Ionic project, configure and integrate it with the Huawei ML kit.

Translation with ML Kit

The text translation service can be widely used in scenarios where translation between different languages is required. For example, travel apps can integrate this service to translate road…


Hello, developer! In this story I want to make a notes app from scratch with Ionic. We’ll cover multiple topics in our notes app. This application allows us to create, delete and edit notes. Save and list notes from storage and view all notes.

So where do we use ML Kit? We will add the Text Recognition, Text to Speech and Automatic Speech Recognition features of Huawei ML Kit to our application in order to speed up our note taking processes and to add the artificial intelligence structure to our application.

Less Talk, More Code 😎

Text Recognition with ML Kit

The text recognition service…


Hello, today I will talk about Huawei Game Service Kit. You can use Game Service to realize the great ideas that on your mind. The Game Service kit has been created to help developers with features such as login, achievements, leaderboard and more.

Here full documentation link for Game Service.

I want to show you how to use the game service with a simple application. In this application I will use some modules such as signing and achievements in the Cordova platform.

Let’s get started! 🚀🚀

What is the Game Service Kit?

Promote your game quickly and efficiently to Huawei’s vast base of users around the…

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